Logo squareWe have been receiving lots of interest (we love your eagerness!), and with interest comes lots of questions! So we have decided to add this section to answer those Frequently Asked Questions.

I am based outside of Yorkshire, can I enter?
Yes! This competition is open to all pole dancers.

What is the process for entering the competition?
To enter please fill out your details on the How To Enter page. We will then send you further details on how to pay your entrance fee. Once payment has been received we will send confirmation and ask you to upload your video to YouTube with a title including your name and category. When you upload your entry, remember to set it to private and add our email address  (ypchull@hotmail.com) and send us the link.  Alternatively you can set it to be unlisted and send us the link. For more information on how to upload videos, please see YouTubes support page.

What criteria will I be judged on?
You will be judged on. Fluidity, difficulty of tricks, musicality, transitions on the pole and off the pole and spins. Any deviation from the rules will result in a 5 point deduction per judge, per rule break.

Will I receive any feedback on my performance(s)?
All entrants will receive all there judges feed back.

Should floor work be done completely away from the pole?
Yes. Floor work should be done completely away from the pole.

Should spinning pole sections be completely off the floor?
You may put a foot on the floor whilst on the spinning pole but it must lead straight in to another move, you can not stop and start again.

Can I enter more than one category?
You may enter more then one category but you will need to pay the entrance fee for each video you submit.

What footwear is allowed?
Shoes,  ankle boots and ankle protectors are allowed but thigh high boots are not permitted

Are there any restrictions on costumes?
Anything goes! (Almost) There may be children in the audience, so no nudity, but other than that, anything is permitted.

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