Finalists for 2014

We would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all our entrants, but unfortunately not all entrants can go to the live finals. Only the top 5 scorers in each category can go though. Here is the full list of talent that made it through.

Beginners Finalists

  • Hayley Vause
  • Fern Hussy
  • Laura Cowgill
  • Michelle Nicholls
  • Victoria Jennings

Intermediate Finalists

  • Kayleigh Ogden
  • Clare Diggle
  • Melissa Whiltshire
  • CJ Turrian
  • Jiorgia Cliff

Advanced Finalists

  • Hayley Crowther
  • Den Smith
  • Dale Fletcher
  • Natalie Groom
  • Josie Dzerins

Professional Finalists

  • Rebecca Little
  • Natalie Elkington
  • Kassia Portas
  • Emma Haslam
  • Stehpanie Beal

Doubles Finalists

  • Rosa Collier Wraith and Cariad
  • Natasha Flannery and Emma Holmes
  • Hannah Whapshott and Leah Gulliver
  • Anji Sewell and Jo-Ann Weaver
  • Leah Walters and Rachel Breheney

Once again thank you to all entrants, you should all have received your feedback, which we hope you find very useful whether you made it through to the finals this time or not.

We can’t wait to see the performances at the finals, it’s going to be a great show!

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