Thank you from Lisa!

The final was just amazing. Congratulations to all of our winners and runners up. The standard was so high and every one who competed in the final and sent in video entries were just phenomenal.

I could not run this competition without the help and support of some amazing people, who I am also lucky enough to call my friend’s

Tina Gilchrist for been an amazing compere
Nichola Glossop for been my pole cleaner from the very first year.
Holly Fraser, Diane Hodgson and Helen Graves for been amazing pole cleaners
Holly Millar for been my back stage runner as she literally does run around everywhere back stage
Kerry North for sorting out practice times and filming everyone routines for us.
Meeshell Evans for been our lady on the door
Will and Andy for been our prop men and sorting out back stage
Katie and Jenna for selling our raffle tickets and making an amazing £451!!!

Thankyou to our amazing judges online and live
Sonia Allcock, Rowena Gander, Bridie Walker, Jessy Yardy, Daniel Rosen, Emma Coffey, Kirsty Griffiths and Lauren Red.

Thankyou to all of our amazing sponsors and vendors your support is greatly appreciated Polehog, Pole Crush, Pole Religion, Royale Rags, Glitter b’s, Spin City, Boucakez, Sparkling Passions, Pole World Festival and Harris and Hall.

Thankyou to Callum Helm Photography for coming along and taking some amazing shots

Thankyou to everyone who bought tickets and showed amazing support to everyone up on the stage.

And lastly thankyou to my amazing husband Chris. For sorting the music yesterday and for coping with me at home when I stressing about everything.

See you all next year. Xxxx

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