Performance Professional Rules

This category is open to all professional and paid performers.

Competitors will be marked on Musical Interpretation, Routine Theme, Routine Composition, Costume, Story Telling, Fluidity & Flow, Use of Facial Expressions and Body Language, Presentation and Execution.

The same rules will apply for both initial entries and for the live finals. High heel shoes are allowed but knee length and thigh length boots will not be allowed as they can sometimes be an unfair advantage. Please note that the inclusion of any restricted move or deviation from the required time restrictions in the category you are competing in will result in point deductions and possibly in disqualification. Please make sure you thoroughly read the competition FAQ as there are further criteria and clarifications listed there. If you have any questions regarding the rules please contact us.

pole-dance-silhouetteSong Length

  • Minimum: 4 minutes
  • Maximum: 5 minutes


  • Permitted, but please contact us well before the competition so we can clear them with the venue and avoid any disappointment.

Restricted Moves

  • None (Note trick difficulty will not be marked. Only presentation and execution. If a competitor performs an Iron X, but shows no control and lands a heavy dismount, this will not score as highly as a controlled Inverted V to Crucifix, which is performed with strong technique and clean lines, despite the Iron X being of higher difficulty.)